YouTube capture app gets iPad compatibility. Tablets, Apps, iPad, YouTube, Google 0

The YouTube capture app, which allows you to send video direct from your smartphone to the video sharing website, now has iPad compatibility.

You can film any sort of video and instantly edit it and then send it straight off to YouTube, from your iPad or iPad mini. The app also lets you include background music or add auto stabilisation, making it a good free alternative to the iMovie app.

YouTube capture was also recently updated to support proper 1080p video recording. As well as that, you can post video to sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+, all from your tablet or smartphone.

If you don’t have an iPad, the whole app is optimised for iPhone 5 or other iOS devices. The lack of tablet connectivity was a bit of an issue, but that’s now all been fixed. 

Head over to iTunes, where you can download the newest version of the app.

By Hunter Skipworth