Just last week Samsung announced the Galaxy S 4 and it has beaten every device on the market at the moment.
Samsung even doubled the speed compared to the Apple’s iPhone 5. Samsung scored in this benchmark test 3163 points. Where the HTC One has scored 2687 points and the iPhone 5 has scored 1596 points. We have to see the fight between all these devices in real life. The iPhone 5 uses a dual-core processor and the HTC One and Galaxy S 4 uses a quad-core processor. The processor of the Galaxy S 4 is clocked on 1.9Ghz which is 200MHz higher than the HTC one.

All on all be happy the testers didn’t use Samsung’s own EXYNOS Octa-Core processor. This processor is expected to beat all current processors in one time. Samsung will sell the Galaxy S 4 with the Octa-Core processor in a couple of countries.



By DannyD