Early last year Samsung introduced the Galaxy Ace. Well this year Samsung is back with the new Galaxy Ace plus and Galaxy Ace 2.
Here at the office of SamMobile we have the Galaxy Ace plus. After some days of serious testing we now have a full review.

First impression
As said before early this year Samsung came with the new Galaxy Ace plus.
This device should make you forget the good old Galaxy Ace, we have to say they succeeded pretty well.
The device feels pretty good and is much faster with its 1GHz dual-core processor and it runs Android 2.3.6 with the TouchWiz interface on top of that.
This we all know from the Galaxy SII line. This device will also get Android 4.0, we unfortunately wonder why they did not confirmed that at the Mobile World Congress when we were there. Well because of TouchWiz the device its interface does not change that much with Android 4.0.
Samsung uses a 5 megapixel camera.
The film resolution is in VGA and not in HD or FULL HD, this is because of the type camera that is used, plus the device is for the MID-END segment and not the HIGH-END segment.
Unfortunately, this is a pity, we would rather have seen a HD resolution. However, this device uses a TFT screen instead of the AMOLED screen.The expectation is that Samsung will use AMOLED screens for mid-end devices next year.
So far our first impression of the device.

To begin with we find the design very pleasant.
The device feels nice in your hand, unfortunately we could not compare it with the old ace, because we gave that one away.
Anyway back to its design.
As we’ve said is that the device is nice to hold in your hands due its size, it is not too large.
The device is made entirely of plastic as you can expect of a Samsung product UNFORTUNATELY.
At the front you will see some sensors, also you will see a home button, 2 Touch buttons and of course the speaker.
On the left side of the device you will see the volume rocker,on the right side of the device you see the Lock button.
On the back of the device we see a 5 megapixel camera with LED-Flash and an additional speaker.
At the bottom of the device you can see the microphone.

Interface + Battery.
Samsung uses their own touch wiz interface, an interface that we actually know from every device that Samsung releases.
We of SamMobile we will not spend much time on it, because the new touch wiz is only available for the Galaxy SIII at the moment which you can read all bout in the upcoming review.
Our impression about the new Touch-Wiz is that it is a lot better than the old which Samsung now used on this device.
But even it is the old touch-Wiz on this device it works very pleasant, thanks to the dual core processor there are no lags at all.
For the rest everything works exactly the same as the old Ace.
The battery of the Galaxy Ace is good, we did over 2 days with a full charge.
Sync was on, checking Emails and listening to music I would say mediate use.
We expect that the average consumer will have no complaints about the battery life of the Galaxy Ace Plus at all.

The browser of the Galaxy Ace plus is good not very special at all, just normal like all the Galaxy Smartphones.
Speed is fairly natural it might be a little bit faster but for this price quality we find the browser very good.


The Galaxy Ace plus sports a reasonable camera,it is a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash which makes great pictures, however, Samsung missis some points for using a low resolution film recorder.
Misses some points? Yes, Now a days a 5 megapixel camera can shoot film at HD resolution.
But when you look at its price it is not entirely surprising that Samsung chooses not to sport that feature. Why else would you buy a Galaxy S plus or Galaxy Advance.
Well here are some pictures.


Check here the recorded movie.

Worthy successor?
The Samsung Galaxy Ace plus is more or less on all sides better than its predecessor.
Yet we find it unfortunate that Samsung has not opted for a higher resolution camcorder and an AMOLED screen.

But if they will pack this device with all those features they would not sell the Galaxy S Plus and Advance anymore.
This device is just awesome for this kind of price!
We give this device the rating of 7.5 + 10.0

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