All season leads up to this: The NCAA Tournament, better known as March Madness. Sixty eight teams have been playing for the past five months to get to this tournament – to have a chance at glory. It’s the same opportunity you have thanks to office pools, and you don’t even have to play the games. March Madness is always full of great games, interesting match ups, and tons of drama. Even if you don’t really care about basketball, it’s hard to turn away from these games – probably because you have money on them. Don’t miss a moment of the tournament, catch it all with the help of these mobile apps. 

March Madness Live (iOS, Android)

Best March Madness Apps: March Madness Live

The official app of the tournament, March Madness Live is an absolute must have. It allows you to stream every game on your phone or tablet. It’s the ultimate second-screen tool, providing live updates of information from every game of the tournament and giving you a literal second screen to watch the games on. If you do happen to miss the end of a particularly good game for whatever reason, you can back track and check out the highlights so you won’t miss those water cooler moments that these games generate.

Pocket Bracket (iOS, Android)

Best March Madness Apps: Pocket Bracket

All of these games are great and all and we’re sure they mean tons to the players that get to participate in them. But let’s not kid ourselves, the real reason we love March Madness is because of the brackets. It’s our chance to claim a victory in all of this, and perhaps no app is better at tracking your picks than Pocket Bracket. Create as many brackets as you’d like, compare your score to your friends and those on the leader boards, and let the SmartPick feature make the tough calls for you when you just can’t decide on a winner. 

Thuuz (iOS, Android)

Best March Madness Apps: Thuuz

The fun of watching games during March Madness is you never know when there will be an upset or a crazy ending. Those games can happen at any time and often occur when you least expect it. Thuuz is the app you want to make sure you’re not missing out on any of those matches. Using an algorithm that scores games on watchability, Thuuz will give you a heads up when a game gets interesting. It makes sure that if there’s a game worth watching, you find out about it as it’s happening.

ESPN Bracket Bound 2013 (iOS, Android)

Best March Mandess Apps: ESPN Bracket Bound 2013

During the NCAA Tournament, there are a lot of powerhouse schools playing, with stars on their roster who will go on to successful careers in professional basketball. There are also tons of teams you’ve never heard of from schools you didn’t know existed with players who will end up being accountants. ESPN Bracket Bound 2013 will let you know about every one of those teams and players, providing stats, information, and highlights for every school in the field.

Tournament Madness (Windows Phone)

Best March Madness Apps: Tournament Madness

If we were to make a bracket for mobile devices, Windows Phones would probably be a low seed. It’s the school that has a great football program but its basketball team has been floundering for awhile and just got a new coach and some talented but undisciplined players. Even though Windows Phone has a bit more business sense to it, it doesn’t mean its users can’t enjoy some tournament action. Tournament Madness will give users score updates, a full bracket, and can supports Yahoo’s Pick ‘Em brackets.

Grokr (iOS)

Best March Madness Apps: Grokr

Grokr is a predictive search and discovery tool, so you might be thinking, “what is it doing on this list?” But this app is built for March Madness thanks to its latest update. Rolling out in the update are push notifications for scores and games that matter to you, a brag button so you can show off on social networks when your squad pulls an upset, and a predictive aspect that will learn what teams you care about and make sure to get news and updates to you as soon as they happen.

SportStream (iOS)

Best March Madness Apps: SportsStream

The best place to watch games during March Madness is surrounded with other people – and probably at a place with alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, these games take place all day in the early rounds, so you’re probably stuck at work when some of the interesting match ups are taking place. SportStream will be like your virtual sports bar, letting you talk with fans who are watching the game across the world. It won’t help you get that drink, but now you can offer your brilliant observations on the game based on your uncanny ability to make great calls in hindsight. 

Are You Watching This? (Android)

Best March Madness Apps: Are You Watching This?

If you have friends who are into sports as much as you are and you catch a must see moment during the tournament, you’re guaranteed to say the name of this app at least a couple times. Are You Watching This keeps you updated on scores from around the tournament, gives you a heads up when one is getting good, and allows you to switch on the game with just a swipe if you have DirectTV, Google TV, or TiVo. The second a game becomes worth watching, it can go from your phone to the TV so you can see every play.

By AJ Dellinger