Mobile underdog Motorola may very well be shaping up for a big release that could help get the company back on its feet, as far as its phone division is concerned. There has been a lot of speculation going around ever since the elusive X Phone job posting was discovered on LinkedIn, and then subsequently on the company’s own site. We gathered up all of the rumors we could find, to determine just what we may expect when the official debut takes place.

Rumor: June release

According Android and Me, June is a likely release date for the phone, since Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O is May 15-17. So it makes perfect sense that the company will also be introducing new devices that will run on Android. If that’s the case, a June release — or at least a summer release — is not all that unlikely.

Rumor: Motorola will control first Android update

Much like the iPhone or Nexus phones, but unlike every other phone, Motorola may have the ability to update its own phone; this is something that is typically under the control of carriers. Due to the extensive resources being poured into this phone, Google may assure users at least one upgrade. If not, there’s no telling how long it would take for the upgrade to actually take place, since the carriers tend to delay them.

Rumor: X will run on Android 5

Again, as Gadget Insiders says, since it’s likely the phone will be revealed at Google I/O, there’s a good possibility Android 5 will be unveiled and, if X also makes an appearance, why shouldn’t it run on Android 5? (This may tie into the above rumor; it’s quite possible the phone will launch on Jelly Bean, but since Motorola and Google are working so close together, a guaranteed quick rollout to Android 5 may be why they want control of the first update.)

Rumor: Motorola X will be sold in Google Play Store

Android and Me believes that the biggest hurdle with the X Phone true will be getting the carriers to agree to sell it … particularly if they’re already potentially giving up control of software updates. But selling a phone unlocked isn’t the easiest proposition, as we don’t know if it will run on Sprint or Verizon networks. If Google/Motorola could sell an unlocked phone that worked on all networks, it could spark a new era where users begin buying unlocked phones in large numbers.

Rumor: Users can custom-create phones

Imagine having the freedom to build your phone the same way you build your computer. Select the color, the storage, maybe even the camera’s megapixels. Users may also even be able to pre-load files – wallpapers, ringtones, apps, etc. – at the time they order. To boot, the customized phones could be delivered within one week.  This is a huge possibility, particularly since Google was so unimpressed with Motorola’s last release; it wanted something bigger, more innovative. This could be it.

Rumor: Extended battery and tough body shell

We reported the earliest rumors a few months ago, based on job postings for the Motorola X we found online. From those listings, we thought that maybe the company’s project had a close tie-in with Google, whose CEO, Larry Page, spoke of the need for more durable phones with longer battery life, and specifically cited Motorola’s work in attempting to solve these two problems. So we’re hopeful to see both when X debuts.

Rumor: X will be a complete line of phones

Samsung Galaxy has done tremendously well with its line of phones, creating multiple versions and reimagining them with each release. It creates not only manufacturer loyalty, but brand loyalty, much like the iPhone. This could hold true for X as well; it may not just be one phone, but a series of phone. Or at least the first in a chain of phones that improves with each release.

Rumor: X will have a 5-inch screen and 10 megapixel camera

In this day and age of the phablet – the devices that blur between the realm of phone and tablet – a bigger display is better, as long as the device is still comfortably handheld, which works for a 5-inch device, which Android Authority claims X will have. The expected camera, which seems skimpy at just 10MP, may actually work out just fine, since another rumor is that Google is shifting its focus from megapixels to improved optics.

Rumor: X will be affordable

According to the folks at TechCrunch, Motorola may really push the limits when pricing the phone, an incentive that could draw in a good deal of buyers. It’s rumored that the phone may hit the market at a paltry $200, without carrier contract, so it could be in users’ hands for next to nothing if they opt to sign with a carrier.

More to come

These are the rumors we have to report so far. Since the expected announcement isn’t for another two months, we’re sure that the above could very well change, and even more may be added. We’ll continue to update as we hear more.

By Joshua Pramis