You don’t need to be an expert on Android or the smartphone industry to see the HTC is in trouble. HTC started 2013 with its worst profit margins ever, and the company needs to turn things around – and it’s to do it now. The HTC One Live Experience is one way to kick start the turnaround in the U.S.

HTC plans to sell the HTC One on three of the four major U.S. carriers later this month, and it’s begun making small promotional set-ups in high-traffic areas as a way to let consumers know about the impending launch. In addition to television and online campaigns starting soon, the company is bringing it’s product to consumers rather wait around for smartphone buyers to discover HTC. It’s the end of the “Quietly Brilliant” era and the start of look-at-me period with heightened aggressiveness in consumer outreach.

The HTC One Live Experience will visit a handful of cities and present trailers and pop-up shops in high-traffic areas to showcase the HTC One ahead of its official launch. Product reps are on site to pass out pamphlets and T-shirts, demo the phone, and let people touch and explore the One ahead of time. It’s not a new strategy, but it’s a more visible one at a time when HTC is in desperate need of visibility. While Apple and Samsung have managed to capture an enviable amount of attention, HTC has struggled to make its phones – well received by fans and critics – reach mainstream appeal.

As part of the Live Experience tour, HTC will have BoomSound Lounges and Showrooms to display the One, and host concert series to celebrate the phone’s availability. Here’s a video showing what people can expect when they visit a BoomSound Lounge. Dates and locations for all events are available at

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By Andrew Kameka