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Sending texts from your computer is extremely useful in dozens of different situations. Perhaps you lost your phone and need to send a message to someone; maybe you’re over your monthly text limit and still need to get in touch with your friends; or what if you just hate typing on a tiny keyboard? Whatever the case may be, we’ve put together this super simple guide on how to send free text messages online.

There are hundreds of online services out there that’ll get the job done, but none of them are as trustworthy or reliable as the method we cover here. If you want to send a SMS (Short Message) to any mobile phone, there’s no need to use any third-party service. You can do it right from your email client. Instead of using a service you don’t know or trust, you can deliver a short email in the form of a text message by using an email to SMS gateway. So long as you know the person’s phone number and the name of their service provider, you can easily find the appropriate gateway address that will forward your message.

Don’t know what mobile carrier your friend uses? Find out here.

For quick reference, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common U.S. service providers and their corresponding gateway addresses below. To use them, compose an email like you normally would — but rather than entering the person’s email address in the recipient box, simply insert their 10-digit phone number with the appropriate @gateway address behind it.  

To find SMS gateways for other carriers not listed here, check this list.

Carrier Email to SMS gateway


[insert 10-digit number]


[insert 10-digit number]

Boost Mobile

[insert 10-digit number]


[insert 10-digit number]


[insert 10-digit number]

US Cellular

[insert 10-digit number]


[insert 10-digit number]

Virgin Mobile

[insert 10-digit number]

To ensure that this process works, you should limit your messages to less than 160 characters. If you go over this 160 character limit, the message will be sent as an MMS rather than a SMS, which sometimes requires a different gateway address. Furthermore, although this method is entirely free for you the sender, standard messaging rates may still apply to the person receiving these messages. 

We recommend this method because no third party service will have access to your telephone number, or the number of the person you’re messaging. This process also makes it easy to send the same text to multiple people, since you can enter  as many number@gateway addresses as you like to the recipients box.

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By Drew Prindle