Google is pushing the boundaries of Apple’s iOS regulations, after it revealed a new Chrome API for Cupertino’s mobile operating system.

The new software allows devs to tweak apps so that users can access Chrome for iOS when web browsing in-app.

google app icon

What’s more, users with Chrome installed will be able to open pages directly in Google’s browser when following links.

Until now, Safari has been the default option for users flicking from an app to their browser.

The new tool will allow developers to offer end users the choice of opening web-based material in either Safari or Chrome.

It comes just days after Google updated its Gmail iOS app to allow links within its Apple-flavoured email client to be opened in Chrome.

With Cupertino currently cracking down on App Store-aping add-ons, this is no time for Mountain View to provoke Tim Cook and co.

After unveiling an update which allows Gmail for iOS to bypass Apple Maps and head for Google Maps instead, this is the latest move in an attempt to give fans of Big G apps on Apple’s platform a better service.

Whether Apple sees it like that is another matter.



By Joe Minihane