Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom straddles the line between Android smartphone and Android camera. When the phone was first announced earlier this month, it seemed more fitting to call the S4 a scaled down version of the Galaxy S4 mini strapped to a newly designed Galaxy Camera.

When exploring the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the comparisons are easy to make. The 10x optical zoom protrudes out the back of the device and creates a bulky build. However, it’s not quite as bulky as the Galaxy Camera. It’s definitely more practical to carry around the S4 Zoom and attempt to use it as a phone. It’s not the easiest task because you could stack two of the average smartphones in the space the S4 Zoom commands, but it’s doable.

As for the overall feel of the device, there’s more curves and roundness than we’ve seen on the Galaxy Camera. The Galaxy S4 Zoom has a right edge that’s easy to grip and makes it feel like a point and shoot. Of course, this offers much more. The Super AMOLED screen looks nice even though it doesn’t have the most pixel-dense display around. It also makes phone calls and runs Android 4.2 like any other device, but Samsung has so far shown only pre-production models that require a bit of fine-tuning before judging call quality or running benchmarks to gauge performance makes any sense. We’ll revisit the phone-meets-camera when the time is right, but here’s a Galaxy S4 Zoom hands-on in the meantime.

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By Andrew Kameka