For months now, 2013 has looked like the year that the low-cost iPhone is finally going to happen. Until this morning, that is, when one of Apple’s manufacturing partners cast doubt on just how ‘cheap’ the so-called ‘cheap iPhone’ really is.

Addressing shareholders at an AGM, Pegatron CEO T.H Tung appeared to confirm that a lower cost offering is very much part of Apple’s plans. However, he also ruled out talk that the phone will be “cheap” and claimed that “the price [of the handset] is still high”.

Instead, Tung implied, the phone will be pitched at the middle of the smartphone market with a price to match. That means it’ll likely be free on contracts from £25 per month in the UK.

Fresh speculation around Apple’s plans comes after leaked diagrams intended for third-party accessory-makers appeared to confirm that the more affordable iPhone will be branded the ‘iPhone Light’.

The blueprint for the handset also indicate that it will differ little cosmetically from the current phone, with the button layout and screen size remaining unchanged.


Apple Insider

By Jonathan Leggett