Apple has applied to trademark the iWatch name in Japan. Cupertino says the product using the title would be a “handheld computer or watch device”, leaving little doubt that it’s at least hoping to produce its own smartwatch.

Tellingly, the application was made on June 3rd, the same date Apple also filed for an iWatch trademark in Russia. News of that attempt broke early last month.

There’s no news yet on what exactly the device will look like, although rumours abound that it’ll pack biometric tech for beefed-up security.

Apple is said to have over 100 staff beavering away on its iWatch project, as it looks to improve upon already existing efforts such as the Pebble and Sony’s new Smartwatch 2.

Samsung and Google are also said to be working on smartwatches, each pegged for a late 2013 release.

Apple’s iWatch, however, is unlikely to take bow until 2014 at the earliest. Until then, it seems we’ll have to content ourselves with gossip like this.



By Joe Minihane