Licensed games controllers from Apple will be on shop shelves soon, the tech giant revealed at this week’s World World Developers Conference (WWDC) event.

Apple disclosed its plans to work with Logitech and Moga to create Apple-branded controllers during a session at the devs confab, which included mock-up devices and guidelines for developing games to be used with the peripherals.

Mock-ups on show at WWDC featured two very different controllers. One clearly takes its cues from a vintage Nintendo pad. The other effectively turns the iPhone into a Sony PSP, with the iPhone nestling inside.

Both feature the now very familiar array of shoulder buttons, regular pressers on the front, as well as analogue sticks and D-pads. Less commonplace is the inclusion of a pause button.

apple controller 1

Signs that Apple is finally acknowledging the iPhone’s use as a de facto games machine come after it was recently revealed that 19 of the top 25 paid-apps of all-time by grosses are games.


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By Jonathan Leggett