AllJoyn adds DoubleTwist support, video streaming promised. Phones, Qualcomm, Tablets, AllJoyn, MWC2013 0

Qualcomm further demonstrated its AllJoyn system to Pocket-lint at Mobile World Congress, but with a new twist. DoubleTwist, in fact.

Rather than just promote the ability for your fridge to talk to your TV and send you a notification that you’ve left the fridge door open, the new addition means that Qualcomm now allows music streaming over the system. And there’s hope that video streaming will be added in the near future.

Confirming the news during the trade show, Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm’s Innovation Centre and in charge of the AllJoyn project, told Pocket-lint that although the company didn’t have anything official to announce about it yet, it was working on adding video streaming to the AllJoyn project in the future.

AllJoyn, launched in 2011, is Qualcomm’s open-source application development framework for ad hoc, proximity based device-to-device communications. The technology uses peer-to-peer mesh networking to connect devices around your home, in a similar way to how Sonos already works for music streaming.

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By Stuart Miles